Premium Pet Grooming Services and Pricing

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Services (What’s included?

Full Posh Groom

Full Groom: Micro bath & shampoo with the highest quality all-natural specialty shampoos, This will loosen up grease and dirt from your pet’s coat. Setting the stage for the brush & blow out and customized haircut.

Nail trim, paw pads, ears and eyes cleaned, Sani-trim (good time to add on the Blueberry Facial cleansing to get all the deep down dirt, food, and smell that can be trapped in the face area)

We encourage you to consider add-on spa services to further enhance your pet’s grooming experience.

All services are designed to provide specific, beneficial results.

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Deluxe Posh Bath

"Face, Feet & Fanny"! Everything that the full groom, including the micro bath, except the full haircut. We do a mini hair trim to brighten up between full grooms. This is a great time to add on a couple of spa treatments!

  • Luxury Bath
  • Nails
  • Paw clean-up
  • Ear cleaning
  • Face clean-up
  • Sani area clean-up
  • Trim neatened up until next full-groom


Cocoa Butter Paw Pad Massage

Our pets’ feet can get dry, cracked, and irritated. Cocoa Butter with essential oils and botanicals soothes hard-working feet. It's massaged in and is a very enjoyable service for our faithful friend.

Nail Smoothing

Use the Dremel to smooth sharp edges on the nails to keep the nails from scratching our skin, and it helps keep the pet from scratching our floors and furniture.

Teeth Brushing

It's important to brush our pet's teeth. Doing so is one of the most important things that lead to good health and wellness for our pets into their older age. This breaks down the enzymes that lead to bad breath and decay.

Flea and Tick Resistant Citric and Aloe (added to shampoo)

This final application during the shampooing process has the purpose of naturally repelling fleas to assist in keeping them free of parasites that naturally want to jump on and take a ride in the fur and skin of our house pets. This does not take the place of a regular oral or external flea and tick regiment.

(If fleas or ticks are found during the groom session, this will be added on automatically and added to the cost of service for that day).

Paw Pads Soothing Salts Soak

This paw pad soothing Saltz soak is to get deep cleaning into the folds of the paw pads to remove dirt, germs, and bacteria and soothe the wear and tear on our pet's feet. This gets between those toes and assists in getting rid of that yeast smell that can be caused by the paws not getting the cleaning and drying they need, and that can result in our pets having itchy, smelly feet.

Blueberry Facial

This Blueberry Facial is a deep cleaning facial massage, using tear-free, essential oil and botanicals shampoo to remove the deep-down dirt and bacteria that comes from eye excretions and food in the hair around the muzzle. This is also a big problem of "smellie face"!

This blueberry facial will help reduce this problem and help your dog have better health and wellness. And, if you let your dog lick on you, this will make that a much better experience for you!

Aromatherapy Coat Care Spa Treatment

This is a specialty aromatic blend of essential oils and natural fruits, and floral scents in a shampoo and conditioner. And aroma to provide a calming, soothing sense during the grooming process for your fur baby. The scent of the specialty shampoo and conditioner is lasting and provides a calming and soothing experience for your fur baby, just like when you go to the spa.

Mobile Grooming With Posh Parlor Mobile Grooming

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If you've been considering mobile grooming I would do it now! It's the best decision we've made for our dogs. We are so happy we found Posh Parlor Mobile Grooming! 

Mobile Grooming

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The professional, skilled, caring groomers is why we love Posh Parlor Mobile Grooming! Hire them now!

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